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  • Nuby Sippy Cup Replacement Spouts Super Spouts (6 Count) for 10oz 9955

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    Nuby Sippy Cup Replacement Spouts Super Spouts (6 Count) for 10oz 9955

    6 Nuby Super Spout Replacements for 10oz + 8oz Nuby Super Spout Sippy Cups ONLY. 
    Model # 9955  UPC: 048526096367

    These spouts fit only these two Nuby sippy cups.  Most of these cups are purchased online or at Walmart.  These do NOT fit the Target Super Spout Sippy Cups.  The model number is 9955.  The spouts are shaped like a figure 8 on the top BUT the top of the 8 is smaller than the bottom part of the 8.  PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND PLEASE MEASURE YOUR EXISTING SPOUTS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE to ensure a good fit.

    These spouts measure 2 1/4"  or 5.5 cm from side to side directly across the widest part of the spout. Please see the picture with the ruler to see how to measure your existing spout.

    When replacing the Nuby Super Spout Cup, you push the spout through the top of the rim and secure it for the best fit.  There are instructions included inside the packaging.  Please read them.  When the directions are followed, your sippy cup doesn't leak. 

    The Nuby Super Spouts are recommended for ages 6+ months.  They are BPA free, no spill, no leak and no mess.  They are made of 100% silicone and come 2 in one factory sealed package. 

    Thanks for not throwing away your perfectly good sippy cups and saving our already, distressed, landfills.

    Thank you.  We do appreciate your business.