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  • My Baby Alive Magnetic Bottle and Magnetic Pacifier Loved Set

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    My Baby Alive Bottle and Baby Alive Pacifier Loved Set will fit the 2010 My Baby Alive doll perfectly.  The pacifier is a real baby pacifier but we have modified it by adding a magnet encased in silicone so that it fits right inside the larger, interactive Baby Alive doll's mouth.  The pacifier may fit with other large dolls as well.  If your doll can fit a real 0-6 month baby pacifier then this pacifier will fit. 

    The dolls measurements shown in our pics are:  17 inches. 
    The pacifier nipple fits in her mouth all the way.  The nipple is apx 1 inch long and just under 3/4 inch wide.
    The magnet causes the 2010 interactive to make sucking sounds.  It is supposed to work on the interactive Baby Alive Surprise doll, but we don't own one so we have not been able to try it.  If she is the same size, it should cause the interactive sounds, but we can't guarantee that.  This pacifier also fits the NON-interactive Snackin Lily doll.

    Please email BEFORE YOU ORDER if you have any questions. 

    The bottle style will vary slightly but will be either a 2oz or 3oz preemie sized bottle with a 0-6 month nipple.  The bottle is sealed at the nipple tip so your baby cannot drink the bottle but can use it for pretend.  It is partially filled with fake milk.  There is a magnet inside the bottle nipple and the rim is sealed, although with force, it may or may not come open.  Press the bottle nipple against your doll's lips and gently work the bottle nipple inside her mouth.  The nipple tip will go about one third of the way inside.  If your doll is interactive, you will hear the sucking motion.  These work every time so if you don't hear a sound and you are supposed to, please check the batteries inside your doll.

    We recommend this product for any child who can understand the following:  Store upright when not using.  Shake at least once every two weeks.  Do not try to twist off the lid.  Do not suck or chew on the bottle or pacifier nipples or rub them between fingers.  Never drink any liquid from any enclosed bottle toy.  Never put in microwave or on heat source.  Keep all magnets away from electronics including pacemakers, defibrillators, cell phones, tabs, etc.  Keep out of the reach of small children who do not understand these directions.

    You will have hours of fun playing with these pretty accessories for your My Baby Alive doll and others. 

    Fast shipping.  

    Baby Alive Bottles and Baby Alive Pacifiers - magnetic, interactive and handmade for hours of fun.