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1 Reborn Baby Doll Magnetic Pacifier Boy Prince Charming Design with Magnet Kit

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Reborn Baby Doll Magnetic Pacifier Prince Charming Design with Magnet Kit - Use drop down menu to choose magnet kit or putty kit.

1 Reborn Baby Doll Magnetic Pacifier Prince Charming Design Magnet Kit.  The magnet is not attached.  You will receive one real, first quality, baby pacifier with the nipple removed, one strong neodymium magnet, one felt cover and glue dots.  Instructions, and a suggested video link, will easily walk you through adding the magnet to your pacifier.  It only takes a few minutes.

If your doll doesn't have a magnet inside of it and you don't intend to add one, you will need a putty kit.  Putty is a widely acceptable way to adhere the pacifiers to your reborn baby doll's mouth.  It is non-toxic, reusable with many pacifiers and does not seem to dry out.  Instructions are included with that as well.

Because all magnets have a north and a south side, if the magnet is glued to the pacifier when we send it, there is only a 50% chance that the magnet on the pacifier will be attracted to the magnet inside your reborn baby doll.  The magnetic polarity is what causes this and we would have no way of knowing what yours is.  This will alleviate you having to take the pacifier off of the magnet and turning it around.  You can use the glue dots to hold the magnet on or, if you prefer a more permanent solution, you can use a super glue to glue the magnet to the pacifier once you have determined the correct polarity.  Just make sure  you give it several days to dry so it doesn't lift off when you put it to your doll's mouth.

MAGNET WARNING:  KEEP ALL MAGNETS AWAY FROM ELECTRONICS OF ANY SORT.  Keep magnets away from pacemakers and defibrillators implanted in a person's body.  If ordering more than one magnet set, be careful because the magnets are strong and may "fly" toward each other if they are placed too close to one another.  Keep a safe distance apart until you attach them to the pacifier and let the pacifier dry for several days.


Reborn Baby Doll Magnetic Pacifier Girl Magnet Kit