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  • MicroLife ENERGY Microgel Dietary Vitamin Supplement by Vasayo 2 Fl Ounces

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    Microlife ENERGY Microgel Dietary Vitamin Supplement by Vasayo 2 Fl Ounces

    This is How to Revitalize Your Daily Performance!

    With all of the stresses on everyone today, just in daily life, whether you are a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or busy caregiver, caffeine and energy shots just don't do what is necessary to help you through the day.  MicroLife Energy is an excellent solution that will help you achieve that goal and all with natural, GMO free ingredients.

    Everyone in my family has tried and is using one or more the the Vasayo MicroLife products.  They are expensive, at first glance, until you weigh the benefits.  You are most likely paying for a combination of vitamins that are not even getting absorbed into your body and are thus, throwing your hard earned money away.  When we all read about the liposome technology, we were amazed and pretty upset that we had been taking vitamins for years with such low absorption rates.

    If you’re like most people, you’re looking for an energy boost to take on your daily tasks, improve overall performance, and say goodbye to constant fatigue. However, most energy products only provide short-lived energy with accompanying jitters and harsh crashes that do little to solve the problem. MicroLife Energy, however, contains proven ingredients that provide natural, sustained energy to help you conquer your day—every day!

    Here is a short video that will help you understand the benefits of liposomes and how MicroLife Energy will help you in your quest to be able to get through your whole day.

    Features & Benefits

    Enjoy Natural, Sustained Energy: Unlike most energy products that produce a jolt of brain-rattling energy with myriad side effects, this combination of healthful nutrients delivers a sustained, feel-good energy to exceed the day’s expectations.

    No Harsh Stimulants, Jitters, or Crash: Most energy products contain harsh ingredients that produce jitters, crashing, and other unpleasant effects. MicroLife Energy contains natural ingredients for pleasing yet noticeable energy support.

    Won’t Exhaust Adrenals: Constant stimulation from synthetic and harsh energy products can lead to adrenal fatigue (depletion of crucial hormones that govern the brain, metabolism, and more). The healthful ingredients in MicroLife Energy help replenish the adrenals, not exhaust them.

    Helps Maintain Cardiovascular Function and Healthy Circulatory System: MicroLife Energy delivers its proven ingredients throughout the body (including the brain), supporting blood flow and oxygenation for peak energy metabolism.

    Elevate Adaptogenic Activity: Ingredients like rhodiola deliver adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens help the body deal with environmental imbalances that cause fatigue and low energy, while promoting relaxation.

    Your Body’s Cellular Energy Centers. Healthy cells are key to normal vitality and energy. This blend provides powerful antioxidant system support that helps protect cells from free radical damage.

    Enhance Metabolic Efficiency: The proven nutrients in MicroLife Energy also help optimize the metabolic efficiency of the body’s cells, thereby boosting energy output and overall performance.

    † These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or disorder. As with all dietary supplements, take the advice of your physician prior to use of this product. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician prior to use.

    DAILY DOSAGE:  Shake well. Take 2 sprays orally, twice daily, or as directed by your physician.

    RETURNS:  You may return the product UNOPENED, including the box seal, within 15 days from the date of purchase for a 90% refund of the product price, excluding shipping.