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  • 2 Reborn DOLL Bottles Fake Milk + Fake Juice BABY Pink 2oz + Princess in Training Pacifier w Putty + Pink Bunny Prop SET

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    2 Reborn BABY DOLL Bottles Fake Milk + Fake Juice Pink 2oz + Princess in Training Pacifier w Putty or Magnet Kit (email if you want magnet kit) + Pink Bunny Prop SET - Ages 8 years or older.  This is a PROP, not a toy.

    You will receive 2 bottles, plus one new baby pacifier, nipple removed with either a putty kit or a magnet kit.  We will ship with a putty kit unless you email us to tell us you want a magnet kit instead. 

    The bunny is soft, pink colored and adorable. She stands about 8 inches tall and is surface washable.

    The pacifier is a new, first quality, Ulubulu pacifier.  The nipple has been removed.  It comes with a putty kit and instructions, but, if you want a magnet kit instead, please email us when you order.  The magnet kit is only good if your doll already has a magnet in her mouth.  It comes with a magnet, pacifier with the nipple removed, glue dots, a felt cover and instructions.

    Recommended age for use:  8 years and older.  These real baby bottles have a sealed nipple tip  and are partially filled with fake milk and fake juice.  They are sealed at the rim, but the seal is not necessarily permanent.  With force, the bottles may be able to open.  The bottles can be used with any baby doll, (18 inches or larger recommended) but they are meant to be used as a prop and not as a toy.  That means that they can be used during gentle pretend play with your reborn baby doll or as display accessories that sits with your baby doll. 

    There are different liquids used in making these bottles.  Some of the liquids may be toxic if ingested in large quantities but are no different than any household cleaner you have.  The liquids smell bad to discourage drinking if accidentally opened.  Please keep away from any small children and only give to children who fully understand and take directions.  They must be told not to suck on the nipples, DO NOT DRINK THE CONTENTS, do not chew on the nipples, do not force the nipples into a doll's mouth, just press gently on the lips;  do not  throw the bottles down on the floor,  do not step on them, do not give them to animals to chew on, and do not try to open the bottles. 

    We recommend these for ages 8 years and older since a child that age can fully understand and follow directions.  Keep away from small children and use these for gentle play and display for your collector dolls. 

    With that being said, you will have hours of fun with these when used responsibly. 

    2 Reborn BABY DOLL Bottles Fake Milk Fake Juice Pink 2oz Prop + Princess in Training Pacifier with Putty Kit + Pink Bunny